It is literally a dream of every person alive to at least spend one vacation on a houseboat. To be specific Kashmir Houseboats not only offer pristine and serene views but also provides the option for luxury rooms. Read on to read about the best time to visit and process of reservation for Kashmir Houseboats.

Luxury rooms in Kashmir Houseboats are gaining popularity for a number of reasons. Houseboats now have all the amenities that provide comfort, peace, and the best relaxation opportunities.

Stay in one of these houseboats for a couple of days and when you go back you have peace of mind and free mind.

Understanding Houseboats

There is literally so much buzz about houseboats, that it is just not possible that people are yet to hear about this. Houseboats are typically houses on boats. These boats are docked in a harbor. The best part about a houseboat is that you have the feeling of living on the water, while you can access the bay anytime.

Nowadays, luxury houseboats provide amenities that include a TV, heater, coffee maker, and many more. They are safe places for couples, as well as for families to spend their vacations. There are local traders who sell from food items to handicrafts sailing on shikaras, as you can make the purchase right from your houseboat.

The best time to visit is from March to August. The spring season provides the most welcoming aesthetics for a vacation that is full of pleasure.

The positive aspects of staying in a houseboat

To some people Houseboats may sound overrated. But as a person looking for inner peace, there is no better place than a houseboat. For couples, it is an ideal place for a romantic new beginning. For families, it is an ideal option to be away from the fast-paced city life.

Houseboats offer individual comfort to multiple categories of people. The multiple advantages of houseboats include

Serene surroundings

If you want to wake up to a beautiful sunrise, that mesmerizes you there is no better place than a houseboat. Imagine having the rays of the sun reflect from the water right into your windows.

Staying connected

Although there is a feeling of living on the water, the basic amenities continue to remain the same. As well as with advancing technology, modern houseboats provide options for internet wifi services as well.

Luxury that is affordable

Imagine living in a luxury suite, in one of the top-ranked restaurants in the country. The view outside the window is just the same as at your home. However, houseboats provide luxury and views that remain unmatched.

Safe living in a Houseboat

While living in a houseboat, there are specific things to consider beforehand. It is necessary to follow the basic guidelines as the first mandatory point. Also following the general safety precautions in water is also necessary. 

Being open and following regulations

Kashmir is a very traditional place. It is best, to be honest, and open. Be it friends, couples, or family, declaring a real relationship would ensure safety. Houseboats generally have a number of regulations that are openly displayed and informed. Make sure that you follow all those points strictly.

Houseboats by Kolu

Kolu Group of houseboats offer one of the best and most luxurious houseboats in Kashmir. However, with luxury do not expect the prices to be over the roof. The group offers the most affordable and competitive prices.

The Houseboats provide luxury amenities, splendid view decks, spacious dining rooms, and many more. Shikara ride is another attraction that is available when you stay in these houseboats.

The staff is pleasing, well trained, and provides a royal service for an amazing experience. Ensuring safety is one of the top priorities. With an option for reservation, there are no chances of facing an unpleasant experience.

Bottom Line

There is no better option than staying in a houseboat for a vacation. So the next time you are planning a vacation, plan a stay in one of the most luxurious rooms in a Kashmiri Houseboat.

It is better to have a reservation for Kashmir houseboats in order to avoid last-minute hassles. Enjoy a pleasant stay in one of the houseboats to enjoy a perfect vacation. Wake up to a serene view of a sun-kissed face every morning!